Undergraduate Program in Government and Public Affairs

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Do ever wonder: How can I help improve the education system in my country? How to reduce poverty? How to better develop your city? How to impact positively your community and the world? If so, this program is for you.

The undergraduate program in Government and Public Affairs will give you the required tools to understand public issues and improve them. Our four-year curriculum is designed to help you develop the skills you need to become an effective agent of change. Among those skills, you will be trained in leadership, policy analysis, public management, methodological rigor, and a global and multidisciplinary perspective.

Concentrate in: 

Public Policy

Public Administration

Global policy

 Where can I work as a graduate of this program? 

in government



• Ministries
• State and local agencies
• Political Parties
• Legisltative bodies
• Major and city offices
• Diplomacy
• International Organizations

• NGOs
• Think Tanks
• Media
• Universities

• Business to Government relations Business to community relations
• Regulation
• Businesses in the utilities sector Health providers
• Business social responsibility
• Environmental impact